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Retül: Data. Personalised.

Put simply, a professional bike fit is the best investment of your hard earned cash after the bike itself. No other upgrade will deliver the same performance gains. A professional fit will result in all your rides being more enjoyable, more efficient & more comfortable whilst reducing the risk of injury.

Here at Pedal Heaven we chose to invest in the Retül Bike Fit system as we felt it was absolutely the best available. We still do.

We have a dedicated consultation room within the store, a proper place to understand riders needs and take the incredibly precise measurements required to achieve the perfect fit. We also invested in people and have 2 accredited Retül Fit technicians to take you through the process.

What happens during a Retül Fit session?

Stage 1

Your technician will take you through a pre fit assessment taking time to understand your body's limitations, previous injuries, recurring pain or discomfort experienced when riding and your overall goals on the bike.

Stage 2

Next 8 key anatomical points on your body will be fitted with LED markers. Your technician will then set you riding your bike (or our Retul Müve bike) and use the Retül Vantage capture system to collect real time 3D data about your body during each pedal stroke.

Stage 3

Your data will be analysed using Retül Fit software. Your technician will combine the results with information from stage 1 to arrive at your personal perfect riding position.

Stage 4

Your technician will then fit your bike to you. A complete digital map of your bike will be created allowing your position to be precisely transferred from bike to bike.

What you'll need to bring to your session:

Your bike!

Your usual riding gear including shoes and pedals (you don't need to bring your helmet, its pretty safe in the fit room)

A small bottle of water.

Are you allergic to sticking plasters? Tell us when you book if you are

Ready to book or have more questions? No problem, either drop us a line at Retü , give us a call on 01252 628575 or just pop in.

Other Retül services available in store:

Custom footbeds.

Got half an hour to spare? We can use that time to make you a set of custom footbeds that will transform your performance and comfort on the bike.

Stage 1

Your technician will carry out a basic foot assessment to understand any current limitations and to select the correct sized footbed

Stage 2

You'll take a seat on our Retül Footbed stand so that you're sitting in a proper position for moulding. Your technician will set your foot into the Retül tray and create a perfect mould of the sole of your foot.

Stage 3

Once we've got an accurate mould your technician will create your footbed, precisely trim it and fit it into your shoes.

We do recommend you book a footbed fitting in advance. Don't forget to bring your shoes & ideally wear cycling socks.

Retül DSD.

The Retül DSD (Digital Sitbone Device) has one simple objective - make long days in the saddle more comfortable.

How? The DSD has over 700 sensors to measure your sit bone width precisely and quickly. Using that data we can recommend exactly which saddle will be best for your riding style and measurements.

No need to pre book, just pop in and speak to one of our technicians.

Ready to book or have more questions? No problem, either drop us a line at Retü , give us a call on 01252 628575 or just pop in.