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Are you looking for a bike that is a little bit different, Something that stands out from the crowd?

There are plenty of good reasons why buyers considering a new bike should consider a custom build.

Choose a uniquely designed bike that defines you, and can be specified to compliment all your tastes and desires, whims and budget.

Creating the perfect dream bike is at the top of every cyclists bucket list, at Pedal Heaven we believe this process is not a service but more an experience.

With such a vast range of products and brands on the market, choosing the right components for your build could become quite mind boggling. Allow us to help guide you in the right direction using years of experience and tried and tested product knowledge. We guarantee to give you the confidence needed to help select the right items to complete your ultimate build.

Our Pedal Heaven Custom Build Experience is split into 6 key Stages:


First things first a coffee and a chat with one of our senior staff will get things rolling in the right direction. We aim to get a few ideas down on paper, find out what you are looking for, the bike ideas and visions you have, the type of riding you currently partake in and what future race or event plans may be in the pipeline.

Bike Fit

The Body Geometry Fit service we provide is one of the most in depth, comprehensive bike fitting services available on the market. Every single millimetre and angle of the bike looked over and adjusted to match your body's neutral positions, avoiding any limitations. Getting it right will help you climb faster, descend more confidently, and ride with less fatigue, reducing any chance of injury. Using our state of the art fit room and the assistance of our Retül Müve bike we collect all the information needed to select the right size frame, handlebars, stem, seat post and saddle to give you the most beneficial riding position, maximising efficiency, comfort and power output all in one.

Frameset and Component Selection

You may already have you mind set on a particular brand or model. But sometimes a helping hand selecting a frameset that will provide the best type of ride depending on your riding style preference is invaluable. Either way with the bike fit data to hand and the knowledge of our staff we will find the correct brand and style of frame to best benefit you. With the fit data collected we can then correctly locate and choose the right size and brand of component to make the bike unique to you.


Sometimes you just want to take the personal finish to the next level. We are very lucky to have one of the best local Bike Spray artists in the area Ooey Custom Paint to our disposal. Any colour flare and special design ideas can be applied to framesets and components to help create an incredible and unique work of art.

If an off the shelf set of wheels won't cut it, then a pair of hand built wheels can be assembled in store by our skilled mechanics. Colour coded hubs, rims and spokes will scream originality whether on the race course or the road!

The Build

Once all the correct frameset and components are in, it's over to one of our senior mechanics for the build. They are used to building and working on Pro team bikes so it's guarantied the highest level of skill and care is always taken in the process! Using the collected BG Fit data the correct dimensions are then transferred over to your bike, so you know it is set up perfectly to your requirements and is ready to ride on collection.

Follow Up

After the first month or two of owning the bike we always offer a follow up appointment with our BG Fit technician, to discuss and review how you are getting on with the bike and positioning. With any new bike an amount of settling in time is always given as cables stretch and components bed in, because of this we always offer a free first service and tune up within the first two months.