Welcome to the Pedal Heaven Service Centre

Having your bike serviced or repaired in a small cupboard, out of sight, in the back of a shop is a thing of the past. We realise that all customers need the confidence and assurance that their beloved bikes are always being looked after, by qualified professionals that always take pride in work undertaken. Our state of the art service centre is one of the most up to date and cutting edge workshops in the UK, employing the most highly trained, skilled and sought after mechanics in the area.

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Why Choose Us?

Workshop - Why Choose Us?

At Pedal Heaven we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of work at a very competitive price.

All of our mechanics have been trained to the best levels achievable (Cytech level 3) and are always keeping on top of all new products and technology in order to keep up with the market demands.

You can be assured that any bike left with us is in the best hands possible, the same hands that have worked on one of the most successful, professional cycle teams.

We offer a free and thorough bike assessment before any work has started to keep our customers informed with the correct costings.

We pride ourselves in achieving a very fast turnaround of bike service and repair so that you will not miss out on valued time in the saddle.

Popular Service Options

A well maintained and serviced bicycle will serve you for many years and our aim at Pedal Heaven is to provide the very best in care for your bike to keep it on the road. All work is catered for from changing an inner tube to a full custom build. To keep it simple our three most popular choice services will cover most bikes.

Service Level Bronze
Tubes and Tyres Inflated
Front and rear brak set-up
Front and rear gear set-up
Safety Check (Nuts/Bolts tightened)
Lubrication of Cables
Full Clean (Showroom Finish)
Lubrication of chain
Wheels trued and tensioned
Hubs Stripped & Serviced
Headset Stripped & Serviced
Bottom Bracket Stripped & Serviced
Fitting of Accessories
Fitting of New Parts

Suspension Servicing

Workshop - Suspension Servicing

In order to keep your bike running smoothly and safely regular suspension servicing is highly recommended. All top end fork and shock companies suggest that doing so will always prolong the life of these very expensive components before any irreversible damage to products occur.

We offer in house suspension servicing for most brands of fork and shock. Keeping all servicing in house helps to keep costs down, and the time bikes are left out of action to a minimum.

Our mechanics have undertaken various suspension service courses and are FOX accredited technicians, so feel assured your bike is with the right people!

Electronic Gear Servicing

Workshop - Electronic Gear Servicing

We have been building, upgrading and servicing bikes with electronic gear shifting from the beginning. In order to keep up with this fast moving market we have invested in the right tools and diagnostic software to assist our customers in getting the best out of their gear systems.

Our mechanics are fully trained and qualified with the fitting and servicing of all Shimano Di2 products, Campagnolo EPS systems and Sram E-Tap.

If you are interested in upgrading your mechanical gear system to a smooth faultless electronic system, then a friendly chat with our experienced staff is highly recommended. We can then assist you in choosing the correct system to benefit all your needs.

E-bike Servicing

Workshop - E-bike Servicing

The E-bike movement is an exciting new market that started with power assisted hybrid bikes and now has expanded onto the mountain bike scene. Our technicians have been trained in Bosch E-bike motors and Specialized Electric Bikes and have the sufficient diagnostic and service tools to keep these popular motor systems healthy and running smoothly. We offer 3 different levels of E-bike service from a basic diagnostic and statistics print off with software update, to a full strip down to frame and rebuild.

Service and Labour Costs Jan 2016

Prices do not include parts

Services & Builds Price
Bronze Service Junior 20
Bronze Service 39
Silver Service 55
Gold Service 99
Platinum Service Road Bike 125
Platinum Service MTB Basic Fork Service 155
Platinum Service MTB Full Fork Service 175
E-bike Diagnostics/Update & Print Out 40
E-bike Silver Service With Diagnostics/Update & Print Out 79
E-bike Gold Service With Diagnostics/Update & Print Out 149
Upgrade Fitting Of New Mechanical Groupset On Old Frame 100
Upgrade Fitting Of New Electronic Groupset On Old Frame 110
Build Up Of New Bike (Individual Parts) 150
Build Up Of Bike Brought Else ware 39
Full Bike Clean (showroom finish) 25
Frame Price
Bottom Bracket Service/Fit 20
Bottom Bracket Facing & FIt 25
Headset Service/Fitting 20
Replacement Of Single Pivot Frame Bearings 40
Replacement Of Multiple Pivot Frame Bearings 80
Brakes Price
Brake Service Single 10
Brake Service Double 20
Brake Service (new cables) 10
Brake Service (new disc pads) 10
Brake Service (new rim pads) 10
Disc Brake Bleed Single 15
Hydraulic Caliper Or Lever Rebuild 15
Fitting Complete Hydraulic Brake Single 20
Gears Price
Gear Service Single 10
Gear Service Double 20
Gear Service (new cables) 10
Fitting New Shifter & Setup Single 15
Fitting New Shifter & Setup Double 30
Fitting New Front Derailleur & Setup 15
Fitting New Rear Derailleur & Setup 15
Fitting New Chain 10
Fitting New Cassette Or Freewheel 10
Fitting New Chain & Cassette & Setup 20
Fitting New Chainset & Setup 20
Straighten Old Hanger Or Fitting New 10
Fit New Jockywheels 10
Wheels Price
Fit New Tube/Tyre (wheel only) 10
Fit New Tube/Tyre (in bike) 10
Fit New Tube/Tyre (push chair buggy) 7
Fit New Tube/Tyre (internal geared hub/full guard) 20
Convert Wheel To Tubeless Single 15
Glue Tub 20
Fit Wheel 12
True Wheel 10
True Wheel/Retention Broken Spokes 15
Build Wheel (new parts) 30
Build Wheel (dismantle old wheel) 35
Front Hub Service/Replace Bearings 15
Rear Hub Service/Replace Bearings 15
Service/Replace Freehub Body 20
Suspension Service Price
Basic Fork Service (fork lower seals & oil) 40
Full Fork Service (all seals & oil replaced uppers and lowers) 75
Rear Can Service (seals and oil replaced) 25
Dropper Post Service (all seals & oil replaced) 50
Fitting New Shock Bushings (top & bottom) 15
Removal & Fitting Of Rear Shock 15
Removal & Fitting Of Front Forks (inc cutting steerer & brake setup) 25
Cutting Down Steerer Tube 15
Electronic Bikes Price
Di2 Software Update 15
Di2 Gear Service/Setup/Diagnostics & Software Update 40
Upgrade Fitting Of New Electronic Groupset On Old Frame 110
E-bike Diagnostics/Update & Print Out 40
E-bike Silver Service With Diagnostics/Update & Print Out 79
E-bike Gold Service With Diagnostics/Update & Print Out 149
Additional Price
Fitting Of Bars 10
Fitting Of Stem 10
Fitting Of Saddle 5
Fitting Of Pedals 5
Fitting Of Grips 5
Fitting Of Bar Tape 10
Fitting Of Mud Guards (clip on) 10
Fitting Of Mud Guards (full guards) 20
Fitting Of Child seat 10
Fitting Of Computer 10
Damage Assessment & Headed Write Up (insurance quote) 30
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